Posos launches the first drug database that breaks down language barriers

Posos launches the first drug database that breaks down language barriers

Paris, 14/09/2023 - Posos, the MedTech startup that secures medical prescriptions for more than 40,000 doctors, is launching its own drug database, the first fully compatible with international standards, particularly SNOMED. This ambitious project, the result of two years' work, sets a new standard for the quality of care and considerably reduces the risk of medication errors.


Posos launches the first drug database 100% compatible with international standards: a major step in healthcare safety

After three years of development, Posos announces the launch of its Posos Medical Database. This technological innovation has been made possible thanks to the use of natural language processing models (artificial intelligence) - enabling medical texts to be converted into medical ontology codes - and thanks to the expertise and editorial work of more than fifty pharmacists and doctors, who have fully structured the ANSM and EMA text documents in the database. The drug database is already available in the Posos platform, which is certified as a medical device.

To date, the Posos drug database is the only one entirely encoded in international terminologies - SNOMED, ICD-10, MedDRA, ATC - and available via application interfaces (APIs) that comply with standard interoperability protocols, enabling it to be easily integrated into medical software, including internationally.

This major innovation has three impacts on prescription safety and quality:

  • The annotation accuracy of data encoded using standard terminologies will improve the quality of care. It enables the latest drug safety recommendations to be cross-referenced with patient data, which is still not frequently used in software, in order to generate relevant and personalized alerts.
  • Its modern knowledge graph-based architecture makes it easy to incorporate multiple specialized medical information sources into the database, ensuring comprehensive responses and multi-source, multi-criteria pharmaceutical analysis.This helps practitioners who have to search several different sites to make safer decisions.
  • For the first time, it enables the use of a single database worldwide by medical software publishers, instead of having to integrate multiple national databases. Ultimately, every healthcare professional will be able to search drug data from other countries. This latest innovation is perfectly in line with its mission of improving therapeutic patient care and contributing to the reduction of medication-related risks on an international scale.

Between 2007 and 2018, the percentage of hospitalisations linked to an adverse drug reaction rose from 3.6% to 8.5%, an increase of 136%, even though 16% of these accidents could be avoided (3). These figures demonstrate the urgent need to provide doctors with intelligent, high-performance tools capable of saving them time by using their everyday tools. With this new-generation drug database, Posos aims to offer unrivaled performance in detecting drug risks and proposing therapeutic solutions.

This proprietary drug database represents a crucial step in strengthening Posos' prescription safety technology and enabling it to reach higher quality standards. Its ease of integration into existing medical software supports Posos' ambition to give every healthcare professional in the world access to a reliable tool for securing prescriptions, with the latest national and international data on drugs.

Emmanuel Bilbault, CEO of Posos, commented: "This is an extremely important breakthrough, it means we can now be completely independent and go even further in our mission. Posos already provided healthcare professionals with a simple and secure solution for making rapid, personalized therapeutic decisions, minimizing risks at every step of the patient journey. Now, with our own drug database, medical software can easily incorporate an advanced risk assessment standard and intelligent medical decision support, regardless of language, benefiting healthcare providers worldwide with a high-performance solution."

According to Professor Corinne Isnard-Bagnis, a nephrologist at the AP-HP: "This new database enables improved medical reasoning by better integrating treatments and patient co-morbidities. It makes it easier to weigh up the pros and cons of a medical decision, for example a change of therapeutic class where there is a risk of medication, and to test whether or not the new treatment is compatible with the patient".

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About Posos:

Founded in 2018 by pharmacist Emmanuel Bilbault and systems engineer Benjamin Grelié, Posos is the first dynamic therapeutic advice solution designed for healthcare professionals and personalized to the patient, based on the risks identified in their prescription and the latest available medical data. With a team of 40 people, Posos has 85,000 users among healthcare professionals, including 40,000 doctors.

Posos has a solution for every healthcare professional and software vendor :

  • In healthcare establishments (hospitals, clinics, retirement homes), Posos connects to business software to speed up prescription transcription, secure prescriptions, and the medication reconciliation process.
  • For retail pharmacies, Posos simplifies shared medication reviews, prescription analysis, and the management of therapeutic alternatives in the event of stock shortages.
  • For medical software vendors, Posos offers the first 100% SNOMED-aligned drug database that is interoperable via an API and a FHIR exchange format.

Press contact:

Claire Guérin - claire@katchreyners.com - 06 51 48 26 54

Press release sources: 

  • (1) National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM)
  • (2) European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • (3) ANSM figures, 2022
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