Unlock a New Prescription Experience Inside Your EHR

What Sets Posos Apart?


Dictate or take a picture. Posos imports detailed medication data where you need it most.

Designed for EHR

Posos strong AI algorithms understand and structure your search and export the answer directly to the EHR.

Reduce Errors

Save time and reduce errors by importing medication to the EHR by voice or picture, rather than manual writing.

Unlock A New Prescription Experience

Dictate and Prescribe Instantly Within Your EHR

Dictate prescriptions on-the-go using your smartphone. Posos then quickly populates patient records, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.

Instantly Import Medication Data: Just Take a Picture

Posos instantly import all the medications and dosages into the patient's record from a photo.

Discover Our Technologies

Our AI-driven assistant enables a new prescription experience, from medication import to complete and safe guidance, directly from your EHR.
Prescribe Easily
Prescribe at the highest standard, instantly
Reduce Overalerting
Stay focus on alerts that really count

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