A new prescription experience, embedded into your EHR
Our mission

Prescribe Faster with more certainty than ever

We want to empower clinicians to prescribe at the highest standard of knowledge, instantly, while saving time for their patients.
Our mission

Guiding Prescription in Real Time

Save time

Cut hours of manual prescriptions ordering simply by voice-dictating prescription from your smartphone into the patient record.

Reduced risks

Any doubt? Posos suggests you the best treatments options, taking into account recent medical guidelines, patient profile and insurance coverage.

Built for EHR

Posos modules are easy to integrate within any medical software, increasing efficiency within the current prescription workflow.

Our AI Helps You Make Safer Prescriptions, Faster.

From our proprietary comprehensive and multilingual drug database to automatic prescription recommendation algorithms, we're advancing the future of e-health.

Multilingual Medical Database

Our AI-driven, SNOMED-structured database breaks language barriers in global healthcare.
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NLP Algorithms

Our worldwide primed and proprietary NER and NEL algorithms enable best-in-class structuring of medical data.
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What sets Posos apart ?

Make prescriptions faster and safer

Optimize Your Clinical Time With Effortless Medication Import.

Use voice or image capture to quickly populate patient records, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.

Focus On what Counts.

Forget non pertinent and time-consuming medication alerts. Posos AI scores your prescription risk based on latest recommendations and patient profile.

Prescribe With Peace Of Mind.

Unsure about a treatment? Posos guides you through risk-free options based on the indication, patient profile, current medications and insurance coverage.
Designed for EHR software providers

Embed Efficiency and Intelligence Into Your Software

EMR softwares save engineering time with a unified and multi-country medication database and clinical decision platform.
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One Connector For All Your Target Countries

Proprietary AI algorithms, trained with thousands of pharmacist observations, can integrate your target countries medication data into the same database, reducing development costs.

#1 Clinical Decision Performance

Our 100% finely-structured drug database reduces excessive alerts and provides unique, tailored treatment recommendations vs. traditional solutions.

CDS React Plugins Ready for Integration

No need to develop interfaces for your software, simply integrate Clinical Decision Support plugins and avoid developing and maintenance costs.
Our science

Research-Driven Excellence

Discover how Posos is reshaping healthcare with groundbreaking technology and research. Our team's relentless pursuit of innovation is setting new standards in medical AI and data analysis.

Step into tomorrow’s healthcare, today.

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