Unlock a New Prescription Experience Inside Your EHR

What Sets Posos Apart?

Save Time

Cut hours of manual guidelines checking and cross-referencing with patient comorbidities, existing medication and insurance coverage.

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Get alerted only when necessary and through a synthesis of prioritized and patient-tailored alerts.

Built for EHR

Posos modules are easy to integrate within any medical software, increasing efficiency within the current prescription workflow.

Unlock A New Prescription Experience

Personalized Medication Analysis from your EHR

Posos contextualize and prioritize instantly medication alerts based on patient profile: renal, liver impairment, pregnancy, age and weight.

Checking External Apps is Tedious. Get a Synthesis Instantly

Posos saves you time by cross referencing and synthesizing all the alerts from organ or pathology-specific data sources or recommandations.

Get Treatment Options Tailored to Your Patient Profile

Posos takes into account pregnancy, age, renal impairment severity, current medications, adverse effects to give you instantly the best answers.
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Prescribe Medications Adapted to the Patient Insurance Coverage

Posos automatically cross references insurance coverage data with your prescription to avoid time-consuming calls with the CVS.

Discover Our Technologies

Our AI-driven assistant enables a new prescription experience, from medication import to complete and safe guidance, directly from your EHR.
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