Posos has already partnered with 15+ major EMRs

What Sets us Apart?

Global Scalability

Effortlessly expand into new countries with minimal specific development, using a single connector to a database and CDS in months instead of years.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Only the most structured, cross-referenced medication information can reduce irrelevant alerts and improve the accuracy of prescriptions for clinicians.


Posos' 100% SNOMED data structure enables seamless feature integration, from speech-to-text to predictive analytics, avoiding future legacy issue.

Posos Medical Database, the Future Starts Now.

Streamline Integration Processes

Effortlessly integrate our API or make direct contextual calls to our advanced CDSS and medication database, structured in SNOMED and FHIR for optimal interoperability.

Minimize Clinician Alert Fatigue

Significantly reduce irrelevant notifications with our advanced cross-referencing system, based on 100% structured data.

Effortlessly Enable New Features

Posos provides 100% SNOMED structured medical data, necessary to plug in new features to your solution: speech to text, predictive health, dosing suggestion and so much more.

Step Into Tomorrow’s Healthcare, Today.

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